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Welcome to the Merck Vaccine Reimbursement Support Center, sponsored by Merck & Co., Inc. The Merck Vaccine Reimbursement Support Center (MVRSC) will work with managed care organizations to provide you with Insurance coverage information regarding your privately insured patients. Before you submit a request, you will need to know the patient's private insurance company and telephone number, group name, subscriber ID, and date of birth.
This site is intended for use by physicians and their staff. It is not for use by patients or consumers.
The Merck Vaccine Reimbursement Support Center (MVRSC) will contact the third-party private payor you specify in this request to inquire about insurance coverage status for the product specified. Please complete all applicable fields for the patients. Your request will not be processed unless Yes is clicked agreeing to the HEALTH CARE PROVIDER(S) DECLARATION below. This request has been prepared exclusively by the physician or physician office identified in this request. Merck & Co., Inc., has retained Telerx, a supplier of reimbursement support services, to support the MVRSC. Information and questions related to the information provided in this report by the MVRSC should be referred directly to Telerx. Merck personnel are not aware of patient insurance coverage information and are not permitted to discuss such information with customers.
Before any of your patients' private insurers can be contacted by Telerx to facilitate your request for coverage information, each patient's permission is needed to authorize the use and sharing of protected health information about the patient for this purpose. Telerx may need to provide each patient's name, date of birth, diagnosis, insurance information, or other information to the insurer. In turn, the insurer may transfer such information back to Telerx. Telerx will use this information solely for facilitating and responding to this request; however, the individuals to whom Telerx provides this information may further release this information without Telerx's knowledge. By clicking Yes below, you represent and warrant that your practice has obtained written authorization from each patient to provide the MVRSC with the information included in this request, and for the purposes described herein, and has provided all notices necessary to comply with all federal and state laws and regulations relating in any way to medical and/or health privacy including but not limited to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, codified at 45 C.F.R. Parts 160 and 164, as amended from time to time.
Disclaimer: The information that will be provided to you in response to your request for insurance coverage information will be based on statements of individuals not affiliated with Telerx or Merck & Co., Inc. Neither Merck & Co., Inc., nor Telerx make any warranties, expressed or implied, about the accuracy of this information. Insurance coverage status can change over time based on a variety of factors, including processing of additional claims that impact deductibles and/or coverage limits, changes in benefit design and a patient's change in insurance carrier. Any coverage information provided to you in response to this request is intended for your reference only and does not guarantee current or future coverage for any Merck vaccine. The Confidence in Coverage Status program for Merck Vaccines will accept patient inquiries from March 25, 2013 through December 31, 2013. Individual patient coverage reports will be provided to the extent that information is made available by the insurance plan. Patient coverage information will be provided on portal as information is obtained. Merck's goal is to respond to your request in 3 to 5 business days. Merck's ability to respond within this time frame may be affected by various factors, including the willingness of insurance companies to release insurance coverage information.

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